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Talia Hoit is an American singer-songwriter from Colorado. Classically trained, she begin playing the piano at the age of 5. Now she writes original songs, performs on vocals and keyboards, and composes orchestra scores for symphonic metal.

   She was the keyboardist and a co-songwriter for the hard rock band Anadies for 5 years, releasing an album, Formamentum (2004) and an EP, Catalyst (2006), before branching out to record and perform as a solo artist and classical singer. She performed classically as a Soprano with the Colorado Springs Chorale for 10 years, and the Chamber Singers of the Colorado Springs Chorale for 5 years.  As a solo artist she self-released two original albums, Fate's Too Small (2007) and A Little Longer (2012).  

   In 2014, she recorded ambient vocal backing tracks as a guest musician for a symphonic power metal band, Psycodrama.  After this studio experience, she decided to pursue her passion for singing symphonic metal.  That same year, she joined the band Beyond Forgiveness and is currently the lead singer, orchestral composer, and co-lyricist and co-songwriter for the band. They have released an EP: The Ferryman's Shore (2015), two albums: The Great Wall (2017) and Live to Tell the Story (2019), and are currently in the studio working on their third full length album, Wilderness (TBD).

   In the fall of 2020 she worked with producer Jarek Musil to record a single, Angel, for personal purposes, which had a soft release in early 2021. During the covid pandemic, she has been working remotely with a talented group of producers and musicians to bring more of her most personal and intimate solo songs to life in this upcoming album, Spectral (TBD, 2022). 

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